Detour 2010 Mapping Contemporary Venice

Moleskine on the way to Venice for the new Detour/My Detour event, click on Flickr for the entire gallery

Ten international architecture studios, an anthropologist, an artist, six academic institutions and two foundations have been brought together by the VIU, Venice International University, and Moleskine to work on the "Mapping Contemporary Venice" initiative. The city of Venice seen in a new prospective, then mapped and reinterpreted in Moleskine notebooks.

A special edition of Detour project, which has already travelled to New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul and Tokyo. Alongside the works from the major studios, the myDetour section is dedicated to new talents.

From August 26 to September 20, 2010, from 10 am to 5 pm at the Venice International University, Island of San Servolo, Venice. An event associated with the Architecture Biennale. On our Flickr pages you can view images of the opening.

Carnevale235_1.jpgalbanese taccuino235_2.jpg


Detour is a travelling project. New contributions join in the show city after city, creating an archive of decorated notebooks, donated to the non-profit organisation lettera27. The next stop will be Shanghai, in October.

The gallery of Detour / myDetour exhibitions are also online at, whilst the Detour Venice catalogue is available on our webstore

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