Creative processes on the page: Detour Beijing

Detour Sanlitun Beijing Design Week
Over 250 notebooks filled with the sketches, hacks and insights of new and established creative thinkers expose the inspirations, processes and end results, including Spike Jonze, Paola ScherKarim Rashid and Patricia Urquiola.
The online gallery lets you flick through videos and photos of each notebook and read more about each author: some works contain extensive stories and illustrated narratives, others are turned into sculptures and pieces of contemporary art and design.
Curated by Raffaella Guidobono, it's a project that's always on the move and this time it arrives at the Taikoo Li Sanlitun Moleskine Store on the occasion of Beijing Design Week. Amongst a backdrop of notebooks, journals and Moleskine objects, the notebooks of celebrated artists from around the world such as Kengo Kuma and Ron Arad as well as those of local representatives including internationally-renowned graphic designer Alan Chan and a new addition from fashion designer Vega Wang are displayed for visitors to turn each page, interacting with the creative process as it unfolds.
Detour Sanlitun Beijing Design Week  Detour Sanlitun Beijing Design Week  Detour Sanlitun Beijing Design Week
Detour is organized in support of non-profit foundation lettera27 , whose mission is to promote the right to literacy and education as well as access to knowledge. As each author donates their notebook to this cause, we begin to build an archive of contemporary creative thinking, in the making. 
Detour Sanlitun Beijing Design Week  Detour Sanlitun Beijing Design Week
Flick through the pages on the online gallery here
Full list of participating authors at Detour Beijing:
Ron Arad
Fernando & Humberto Campana
Alan Chan 陈幼坚
Li Hu 李虎
Lyndon Neri & Rossana Hu
郭锡恩 & 胡如珊
Zhang Ke 张轲
Kengo Kuma
Joseph Li 李文洋
Lin Lin 琳琳
Elaine Ng Yan Ling 吴燕玲
Carl Liu 刘传凯
Antonio Marras
Ou Ning 欧宁
Karim Rashid
Vega Wang 王在实
Ma Yansong 马岩松
Wang Yiyang 王一扬
Detour Beijing
25 September – 27 October | 10am-10pm
Taikoo Li  Sanlitun   Moleskine Store
In partnership with Beijing Design Week

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