Detour: the Moleskine Notebook Experience

A glimpse into someone else's Moleskine notebook – especially if that somebody is a renowned artist – is an intimate insight into the creative process. Detour: the Moleskine Notebook Experience is the latest edition of the book celebrating the eponymous Moleskine travelling exhibition which has exhibited in cities around the world since 2006.

A unique collection of more than 250 Moleskine notebooks that have been decorated, hacked, and sketched that demonstrate the endless possibilities that arise from using paper. The 352 page publication includes works by Ron Arad, Martì Guixé, Ross Lovegrove, Karim Rashid, Zhang Yuan, Italo Rota and Toyo Ito as well as over 300 full color illustrations. The rounded corners give the book an unmistakably Moleskine touch.


The notes, clippings, drawings, and sculptures showcased in the book have been touring the world allowing the public to experience, flip through, and interact with the notebooks' pages. All works in the Detour book and exhibit have been donated by the authors to lettera27, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to supporting the right to literacy, education, and access to knowledge and information.


This edition is a lighter weight format, contains updated information and includes an entirely new section, making it the largest selection of filled Moleskine notebooks ever published.

Moleskine Books offer unique insights into the creative processes of noted artists, designers, writers and architects, delving deep into their minds and methods to give an extensive account of their work. Visit the full range of publications by Moleskine Books here.

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