Moleskine Device Bags

Moleskine Device Bags  Moleskine Device Bags
What would you do without your laptop? Or maybe you rely more on your easel. Whatever the device you take with you everywhere, the new Moleskine Device Bags have been designed to let you work anywhere by transporting and protecting your portable workspace wherever you go. 
Moleskine Device Bags  Moleskine Device Bags
Minimal containers with maximum versatility, Device Bags are available in Horizontal and Vertical styles to suit your needs best. With pockets specially designed for your tablet or laptop, computer cable, business cards, pens and books, they can be filled with any combination of objects, keeping your essentials safe and secure at every step. The colored lining will make it easier to find your things in a rush.
Moleskine Device Bags  Moleskine Device Bags  Moleskine Device Bags
We've made the bags as flexible and comfortable as possible because we know how awkward standing on a crowded train, running from one meeting to another and searching for wifi can be. All Device Bags include adjustable and removable webbing, shoulder strap with metal hook and buckle, strap for attaching to trolley handles, padded handles and water-repellent material, all kept tightly closed with the classic Moleskine elastic band closure.
Where will you work today? Discover the Device Bags on the Moleskine Store. 

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