An atlas of contemporary creativity

Dialoghi sull'uomoWhat is it about travelling that inspires creativity? The journey into the unknown and the discovery of new places and possibilities is often the way in which the creative process starts off. 
Dialoghi sull'uomo  Dialoghi sull'uomo
[Credits: Sergio Ramazzotti]
The mind wanders across the page as pencil touches paper, drawing a line from point A to point B. Arrival and departure, origin and destination are the only anchors in an otherwise suspended state. In this moment – when we are on move, senses are heightened and imaginations are free to venture into new territories.
Dialoghi sull'uomo  Dialoghi sull'uomo
[Credits: Stefano Faravelli]
The journey of artistic creation allows us to express and share our innermost feelings. For this reason a Moleskine Special Edition notebook has been created for this year's Pistoia – Dialoghi sull'uomo (Dialogues on man) festival of contemporary anthropology. Its aim is to capture the journey from travel to encounter, and all the spaces in-between where creativity thrives. 
Dialoghi sull'uomo  Dialoghi sull'uomo
[Credits: Fred Rudant]

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