Displacement by Giada Ripa

Forced migration; a principal of Freudian psychology: Displacement has many meanings, all of which are explored in the photography of Giada Ripa. Places and faces in China, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan are captured on camera, reprinted in a Moleskine hard cover notebook
Barren landscapes, rural expanses, urban demolition. Worn faces, eyes directed at the camera, full of life. A woman brings her sheep to the Kashgar livestock Sunday market, a wedding unfolds in modern Almaty, and a Kyrgyz man rides a horse towards the Chinese border: expressions and postures which at once convey a sense of inclusion and exclusion, unease and comfort, loss and gain. By documenting these scenes, Giada aims to bring out the connection between the land and its inhabitants and restore the identities of the people and places who have been displaced, simultaneously working to establish her own existence
Displacement  Displacement  Displacement
Displacement  Displacement  Displacement
Reprinted on the pages of a Moleskine notebook, images of deserted streets, mountain ranges, Uighur men and Kazakh women form an archive of their experiences, as well as the experiences of Giada herself. Although they suggest that identity is transitory by nature, with this book its presence is preserved on paper.
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