Dog Journal

To organize and remember the most important moments in your dog's life, Moleskine introduces the Dog Journal. The first pages introduce the different breeds with details about their names and size. These are followed by an area on training and 5 subject sections: getting ready, personality, dog log, travelling and a section on veterinary care, with space for important notes and a list of vaccinations. The journal can be personalized further by downloading the individual sections as MSK Templates.

The double pocket at the end holds adhesive labels and subject icons. There are 5 blank sections you can personalize with pages for notes, addresses, sketches and drawings. Stamped on the cover are dog silhouettes -- which breeds do you recognize?
The Dog Journal is part of the Moleskine Passions collection ( Recipes, Wine, Books, Film, Music, Wellness, Baby, Style, Gardening, Travel, Cats), a series of notebooks dedicated to the passions of life.

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