Draw the Future of Social Media

Digital Mavericks
[Image credit: Chris Ovitz and JJ Aguhob, Viddy]
What does the future of social media look like? Some of the most innovative figures in technology present their ideas in sketches. These 'Digital Mavericks' – which include some of the people behind Twitter, Square, Artsy, Pinterest, MySpace and Tumblr among others – put pen to paper for the annual Details Magazine list of top digital influencers. Moleskine joined the initiative this year by opening it out to the creative community, asking for your illustrations and insights on this subject.
Digital Mavericks   Digital Mavericks  Digital Mavericks
[Left to Right: Max Sebala, Tumblr;  @archcarey,  David Hayes, Tumblr]
The drawings show that while there are positive and negative aspects of using social media, its growing influence on our daily lives is inevitable. They convey the internet's instantaneity, permanence, and perennial irony, from sending messages to recipients' brains to being able to "attach a smell". The winning entry by @petsinguimendez presents an apocalyptic tangle of wires, skulls and robots in ink and watercolour.
Digital Mavericks   Digital Mavericks  Digital Mavericks
[Left to Right: @petsinguimendez;  Chris Morton, Lyst;  @marconicalindas]
We are beginning to see the boundary between online and offline realities disappearing. Whether you prefer analog or digital, there's no denying that most of us use both, often at the same time. While the internet can facilitate the sharing of ideas and experiences around the world it can also be a lonely place, lacking the physicality and emotional depth of real-world interaction. That's why it's all the more important to find the tools which suit your way of doing things, whether that's our hybrid iPad covers that include a refillable Volant reporter notebook for simultaneous paper-to-tablet working, or the Evernote Smart Notebook, which lets you store, save and search your paper creations in the cloud
Regardless of where social media is heading, we continue our quest for seamless creative experiences that live beyond analog and beyond digital.
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