A drawing kit, give it as a gift

Drawing_Set_490.jpg A pocket-size sketchbook, two cedar wood pencils, a clip cap that attaches to the notebook and a black eraser. These are the tools included in the Drawing Set, a special box designed for people who love sketching, illustrations and freehand drawing.
Drawing_Set_235_05.jpg Drawing_Set_235_03.jpg

The decorated case repeats all the iconic features of Moleskine notebooks: ivory-colored paper, elastic closure, black stamped cover and inside pocket that, in this format, opens from the top. An abstract pattern is stamped on the cover, small graphic drops recalling a contemporary pop design.

Drawing_Set_235_04.jpg Drawing_Sets_235_02.JPG.jpg

The Drawing Set, along with the Writing Set, is part of the Moleskine Gift Boxes collection, a new special series of kits dedicated to the great passions of life.

Print in MSK format