Shells. For e-readers and tablets

Shells_490.jpgSoft protective shells for e-readers and tablets, designed by Moleskine to organize, protect and carry your cloud of digital and analog objects with you. Black, with a touch of orange on the zipper and a loop for earphones. The material is the same used for the protective base of every Moleskine bag, soft, semi-hard and waterproof.

Inside there is a removable panel with different kinds of elastic bands: across the corners on one side to keep the device in place; crossed and contrasting on the other to hold objects such as books, notebooks, pencils and pens. There is also a mesh pocket inside for headphones, digital cards or other accessories. Can be customized with add-ons such as the multipurpose cases with Velcro strips.

Digital Shells_235_01.jpg Digital Shells_235_04.jpg
digital shells_235_06.jpg Digital Shells_235_07.jpg

Available at the Moleskine Store and in select stores around the world.

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