The filling is you

My Analog Cloud
Intentionally or not, traces of our personalities are scattered in our trails, following our movements wherever we go. The contents of our bags, the marks on the pages of our notebooks, the data in our digital cloud all paint a portrait of who we are: to ourselves as well as to those who don't know us yet. 
When a notebook becomes ours, it takes on our memory, identity, creativity, ambition. A mere shopping list can say as much about who we are as a sketch, new idea or piece of writing can. Notes, hacks, paintings, itineraries: collecting our stories, our notebooks become an extension of ourselves, a tool for self-expression.
In just the same way a bag can also absorb our identities. Always accompanying us wherever we go, full of our most precious items, it is a container for the cloud of objects that defines us and our needs. They carry the tools we need to travel, create and communicate, all the while breathing with our personalities, thoughts and actions.
The thickness of a used notebook, the fullness of a packed bag help us show who we are. What do your objects say about you? Share your things online on myMoleskine or your preferred social network using the tag #myanalogcloud.
The way our things express our personalities is the subject of a talk presented at The Economist Group's Big Rethink 2013 by Maria Sebregondi, VP of Brand Equity and Communications at Moleskine. A special edition Moleskine notebook was created to mark the event.

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