Hymn to handwriting, in a new digital gallery

Ecriture Infinie_490.jpg Artist Bili Bidjocka with one of the books from Ecriture Infinie

Sign boards, shopping lists, exotic calligraphy, scribbles, asemic writing, teenage diaries, school notebooks, writing on walls, writing in chocolate icing on birthday cakes, writing done in the air with fire, with fingers through condensation or dust collected on a car. A new gallery of images and videos, open to contributions from the public, celebrates the gesture of handwriting in all its forms, an invention dating back 3500 years, rapidly evolving towards new hybrids of analog and digital.

The gallery is part of the traveling project Ecriture Infinie / Infinite Writing by artist Bili Bidjocka. A series of giant-sized books, with blank, silent pages. Every once in a while, one of these books makes an appearance around the world: a large writing desk, a satin pillow, a light, a pen. People sit down, one by one, and write, "as if these were the last words they can ever write by hand." Each volume, once completed, is wrapped in a linen cloth, sealed and hidden in a secret place, like a time capsule. Will the people who discover them in thousands of years be able to understand what they mean?
Ecriture Infinie_235_02.jpg Ecriture Infinie_235_01.jpg

Seven books are already traveling around the world. A new chapter has now begun: the Eighth Book, with a new design developed in collaboration with Moleskine, is a reproduction of the classic black notebook, with hard cover and elastic closure, measuring 90 X 60cm and weighing 20kg.

The Eighth Book made its debut at the Festivaletteratura, literary festival in Mantua, northern Italy , from September 7 to 11, in the deconsecrated church of Santa Maria delle Vittoria.
Ecriture Infinie_235_06.jpg Ecriture Infinie_235_03.jpg

Écriture Infinie was presented for the first time in 2006 at the Mori Art Museum of Tokyo at the exhibition Africa Remix . Other volumes were presented at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and at the 2007 Venice Biennial in the installation Check List Luanda Pop.

Curator: Simon Njami. In collaboration with the non-profit foundation lettera27.

Enter Ecriture Infinie.

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