A time capsule for handwriting

Ecriture Infinie_490.jpg                                         Artist Bili Bidjocka with one of the books from Ecriture Infinie

The Eighth Book of Ecriture Infinie is making its second appearance, in Venice, for Incroci di Civilità, a literary festival at the Università Ca' Foscari.

Ecriture Infine/Infinite Writing is an art project that celebrates a 3500-year-old invention: handwriting. Created by Cameroonian artist Bili Bidjocka, it consists of a series of eight volumes that travel the world collecting the marks of handwriting as we know it. Once completed, the volumes are wrapped in a linen cloth, sealed and hidden in a secret place, like a time capsule. Will the people who discover them in thousands of years be able to understand what they mean? 

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Share your thoughts on handwriting.
For Moleskine, Ecriture Infinie is an opportunity to look at the subject of handwriting with writers, neuroscientists and artists. Bringing together different points of view to try to understand how handwriting is evolving in the digital age. Nowadays, there are certainly many other, increasingly fast ways to write and share thoughts. Perhaps we still enjoy handwriting because of the feeling it gives us: the sensation of running a pen or pencil across the paper, the relaxing motion, the ability to detach for a little while, the personal mark we create. Everyone has his/her own reason. What's yours?

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Leave your mark.
Express your thoughts and feelings on handwriting. Upload your handwritten thought and follow the path of the Eighth Book at

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Moleskine, together with the non-profit organization lettera27, is supporting the Eighth Book in its journey around the world.

Ecriture Infinie is an art project curated by Simon Njami

April 18, 2012
Ecriture Infinie @ Incroci di Civiltà
Università Ca' Foscari

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