Electroluminescent notebooks

During the Objectivity workshop at the New York's Eyebeam, we experienced how to hack a Moleskine notebook combined with some LED lights. The idea comes from Diane Eng, fashion designer with the passion for Science and Technology, who inspired other artists during the event.
taccuini elettroluminescenti_235_02.jpg Taccuini Elettroluminescenti_235_07.jpg

Creativity instrument and means of expression, the notebook becomes "something else", assuming different aspects each time. Starting from the paper it goes through a transformation process after which it will never be the same.

Taccuini elettrolumisnescenti_235_03.jpg taccuini elettroluminescenti_235_01.jpg

That's why myMoleskine Hacks is the best place where you can find amazing examples of how to hack your notebook.

Anyone can take part to that by sharing images or videos about what hacked. The only limit is your fantasy.

Let's see what you can do!

Taccuini elettroluminescenti_235_04.jpg Taccuini elettroluminescenti_235_05.jpg
Taccuini elettroluminescenti_235_08.jpg Taccuini elettroluminescenti_235_06.jpg


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