The Epistodiario of Amélie Nothomb. At the 2011 Festival delle Lettere.


"Being completely free, I asked myself, what would you write? And, in the simplest way, I wrote about my sister. My sister Juliette, my one and only sister, the most important person to me on the face of the earth since the day I was born."

This is how author Amélie Nothomb speaks about the pages in her Epistodiario, the Moleskine notebook that collects the emotions of a particular artist each year for the Festival delle Lettere. A kind of intimate writing that combines the tones of a diary and a handwritten letter. Once composed, it is the artist who decides where the Epistodiario goes; it may be donated to charity or become part of the collective cultural heritage. This year the finished product will go to the humanitarian organization, Médicins du Monde.

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Since 2004 the Festival delle Lettere has collected thousands of handwritten letters, each year with a different central theme. The theme for 2011 is Letters of Resignation. For more information on the festival, click here

Patron of the seventh edition, Amélie Nothomb closed the exhibit for the charity auction that accompanied her Epistodiario. A notebook written on only one side of the page. Something new for this writer.  

Amélie Nothomb writes strictly by hand and has enjoyed exchanging letters since was six years old. She writes and receives letters every day, sorting them, opening them with scissors and reading them. One by one. The paper and the pen are a part of her.

2011 Festival delle Lettere
Teatro dal Verme
October 3-9

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