Evernote Smart Notebook release for Android

Evernote Smart Notebook Android

The Evernote Smart Notebook and app are now available for Android version 2.2 and above, allowing you to sync handwritten notes and sketches to the digital cloud wherever you are, so ideas don't get lost and things get done.
Working simultaneously on paper and screen is not always as easy as it should be. The Evernote Smart Notebook lets you easily transfer content from one device to another using specially-designed paper, which when photographed using the Evernote app's in-page camera generates high quality flat scans that can be stored and shared instantly. 
There's no reason why creativity should be constrained to either analog or digital methods. The in-app page camera is optimized to work with the dotted line layout to automatically correct perspective, crop out the background, erase shadows, improve contrast between the ink and the page and straighten images. This refined character recognition means that you can even perform a word or tag search within your handwritten notes
Evernote Smart Notebook Android  Evernote Smart Notebook Android
Augmented Notebooking
Whether you're making travel plans, developing a new idea or recording a new experience, Smart Stickers will keep your work organized. These physical tags can be programmed to sort your work into different folders within the app. There is even a sticker for errors or unwanted content which will ensure they don't get copied, and best of all you can save multi-page projects as one file and multiple images in the same note to keep your work in order.
Evernote Smart Notebook Android  Evernote Smart Notebook Android
Turn your productivity into a seamless experience. Take pleasure from the freedom of working on paper while enjoying the advantages of digital: instant sharing, synching, tagging and storing, wherever you are. And exclusively for Android, access your notes straight away with the widget that brings your Smart Notebook directly to the phone's interface. Keep your work organized, secure and shareable.
Get the full lowdown, watch all the videos and find out what others are saying about the Evernote Smart Notebook on the dedicated microsite: moleskine.com/evernote.

Evernote Premium subscription included to be redeemed by December 31st, 2019.

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