Evernote Classic Notebook: new cover design

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It is no secret that jotting down your ideas, notes and sketches with Moleskine and saving them to Evernote is one of the simplest and easiest ways to ensure that your thoughts and memories remain organized, safe and shareable. And like the old adage says, if a thing isn't broken there is no point in fixing it.

Which is why the only change to the new Evernote Classic Notebook is the cover design, everything else works exactly as it always has. The unique Evernote squared and ruled page layouts inside the Moleskine Classic Notebook let you crop, flatten, color, correct and tag your work ready for you to save it in Evernote where it will be available anytime, anywhere.

The special page layouts have dotted lines and squares to ensure a clean image when digitally capturing your notes. Evernote Premium subscription included to be redeemed by December 31st, 2019.

New Cover Design

The new cover design speaks of the simple and magic note taking process. Dotted areas symbolize lines of text floating off the paper pages and into your Evernote account; geometric shapes and shadows embody the depth and complexity a note can have. When Moleskine and Evernote meet, the potential is unlimited - pages become digital, handwriting becomes searchable, and ideas become effortless to share with the world. 

Updates to Evernote's Premium Pricing Plan

Evernote works hard to make note-taking as effortless and productive as possible. In order to ensure that they can continue to improve their core products and keep on delivering new features there have been recent changes to their Plus and Premium pricing plans. As longstanding partners with Evernote, Moleskine shares their commitment to helping people capture their thoughts and develop their ideas and the recent pricing plan changes will not affect the price of the Evernote Notebooks by Moleskine.

To see all the notebooks in the Evernote Collection by Moleskine: moleskine.com/evernote

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