Evernote Notebooks: the new collection

Moleskine Evernote notebooks
Create ideas and sketches with Moleskine , then save to Evernote in a collection of specially designed notebooks. Evernote's unique page layout on Moleskine Sketchbook and Journal paper lets you crop, flatten, colour correct and tag your work, ready for saving in Evernote where they will be available anytime, anywhere.
Moleskine Evernote Notebooks  Moleskine Evernote Notebooks
Evernote Sketchbook
After a day of sketching city sights, urban encounters or rural landscapes, how do you preserve the pages of your sketchbook digitally? Perhaps you use a scanner at home or capture your sketches with a camera. The new Evernote Sketchbook makes it easy: any sketched page is optimized for saving and sharing when captured with the Evernote page camera. The dotted grid on each page is read by the camera, improving colour and contrast and cropping the borders of the page. Your smartphone becomes part of your workflow, where you create in your notebook then digitize it to share in Evernote. 
Moleskine Evernote Notebooks  Moleskine Evernote Notebooks
Evernote Journal
If you find that handwriting notes help you learn and remember better, take an Evernote Journal into the lecture hall or classroom. A Moleskine Cahier Journal with a lightweight cardboard cover and the Evernote page layout inside, it makes digitizing and saving class notes easy. Use the Smart Stickers in the back pocket to tag your work on the page, and organize, revise, share and search based on handwritten words within Evernote. A study buddy you can rely on to help you get top marks every time.
Moleskine Evernote Notebooks  Moleskine Evernote Notebooks
Evernote Premium subscription included to be redeemed by December 31st, 2019. Available exclusively at Moleskine Stores worldwide and online at:
For more information please visit  moleskine.com/evernote.

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