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Moleskine @ Milan Design Week 2016

Milan Design Week transforms the city where the Moleskine brand was born into an open-air feast of creativity. Design aficionados from around the world take over the city's streets to visit the many happenings, exhibitions and collections on show from April 12 – 17. Find out what Moleskine will be doing during the MDW and don't forget to share your experiences with us – use the tag #M_SmartNotes on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This year Moleskine is celebrating the MDW with a series of workshops, storytelling activities and experiences tied to the launch of the Smart Writing Set – a new way to organize your time and ideas created by Moleskine. A system made up of a special notebook called the Paper Tablet designed by Giulio Iacchetti, a smart pen and a companion app.  Not heard about the Smart Writing Set? Find out all about it here moleskine.com/smartwritingset

Smart Writing Centre c/o BASE Milano (ex-Ansaldo) Via Bergognone 34


Located in the heart of the Tortona Design District, the temporary Smart Writing Centre is where all the action takes place. Visitors can freely experiment with the Paper Tablet and Pen+ and learn more about sketchnoting, storytelling and mindmapping. Mini-lectures and workshops led by designers and inspirational professionals will provide insights on how to get the most out of your handwritten notes. Feel free to drop by to try out the Smart Writing Set.


Tuesday 12, 3pm  #sketchnoting : Mauro Toselli - Free your notes to free your mind

Wednesday 13, 3pm #workflow : Ale Giorgini - The art of productivity

Thursday 14, 3pm #innovation : Massimo Temporelli - Bits, atoms and digital revolution

Friday 15, 3pm  #storytelling : Zelda was a writer – Six memos of storytelling

Saturday 16, 3pm  #journalism : Niccolò Porcelluzzi - Writing is sharing

the workshops please register at: smartnotes.eventbrite.it


Smart Writing Corner c/o Moleskine Stores in Via Dante 15 & Central Railway Station 

Milan's Moleskine Stores will host a Smart Writing Corner during the MDW. Visitors will be able to try out the Smart Writing Set and view some of the content created with Smart Writing Sets during the Design Week. Drop by at any time!

Moleskine is also participating in other MDW events around the city: 

The Design of Words c/o Acqua su Marte, Via Alessandria 3: An exhibition of works of calligraphy created on Moleskine notebooks by the international calligraphy community, Masters of Calligraphy. Practical calligraphy workshops will also be hosted during the exhibition, which will take place from April 12-16.

Sketchmob c/o Highline Gallery, Via Silvio Pellico 2: A collaborative drawing event open to architects, designers, students and anyone who enjoys picking up a pen or pencil to depict the world around them.  Take your Moleskine notebook along to the event on April 16 at 3pm!

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