Fashion Unfolds: Moleskine unveils new book series

Moleskine Fashion Unfolds Books
The cut of a fabric. The touch of the designer. An iconic silhouette. Moleskine turns its gaze to Fashion with a new book series, Fashion Unfolds
From the first sketch to the final reveal plus inspirations, beginnings and achievements, each book unfolds the creative process of a leading international designer across 192 full color uncoated pages. Hundreds of images, unpublished interviews and essays by the industry's leading journalists form an intimate browsing experience for the reader, drawing them closer to the heart of creativity in fashion than ever before. 
Peek beneath the folds of your favorite fashion designer now:
Vivienne Westwood Moleskine book  Vivienne Westwood Moleskine book
Vivienne Westwood The creative process of a revolutionary fashion designer is unraveled through key collection profiles, archive photos and an unpublished interview. Discover more about the processes, beliefs and motivations that fueled a lifetime of groundbreaking design.
Moleskine Fashion Unfolds Salvatore Ferragamo  Moleskine Fashion Unfolds Salvatore Ferragamo
Salvatore Ferragamo Renowned for the elegance and timeless beauty of his designs, the pioneer of handmade footwear reveals his story through seventeen selected shoe design projects. With a focus on his use of materials, discover how a meticulous study of human anatomy lead to the design of the famous Ferragamo wedge.
Moleskine Fashion Unfolds Antonio Marras  Moleskine Fashion Unfolds Antonio Marras
Antonio Marras Starting from ten pieces personally selected by Marras himself, this book is a collage of words and images that focuses on significant moments in the Sardinian designer's creative process. See how poems, landscapes and little details take shape through fine watercolors and pencil sketches, ultimately growing into one-off designs.
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