File away your 2012 notebooks with an MSK Sleeve

How many notebooks did you get through this year? How is your trusty Planner looking? Thanks to another busy year, ours are full, fat, used: bursting. 
They have served us well but it's time to file them away. Wrap up your old notebooks and Planners in an MSK Sleeve, which you can download from myMoleskine here
Choose one adorned by one of our Authors with decorative illustrations, or personalise it with your own. If you've had a particularly prolific year and your notebook is heaving, go for the thick Sleeve.
Print your preferred Sleeve, cut it out, bend the flaps and stick it all together. Write the category onto the spine.
Encase your notebook in this protective layer and be reminded of a productive year, happy memories, successful projects. 
When you're done, upload a photo of your creation, along with your used notebook or Planner, to the myMoleskine gallery using the #endofyear2012 tag. 
View all other #endofyear2012 submissions here.  

Print in MSK format