The modular flap on the Messenger Bag

Flap-in-Use_490.jpgA modular space where you can insert and hold objects. A pocket that is open on two sides suited to various uses. This is the adjustable double flap in the Messenger Bag, a versatile space to put those items that don't fit in the bag or that we prefer to keep handy. Rolled up papers, tubes, umbrellas, jackets, newspapers, maybe a bouquet of flowers...

Flap-in-Use-235-10.jpg Flap-In-Use-235-03.jpg
Flap-in--Use-235-11.jpg Flap-In-Use-235-12.jpg

The size is adjustable using a series of snaps. When needed, the farthest position wraps around the bag closing it onto itself completely, protecting even the bottom.   
Flap-in-use-235-05.jpg Flap-In-Use-235-06.jpg

The Messenger Bag is part of the Travelling collection available at the Moleskine Store
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