Fluorescent Roller Pens

First black, then metallic, now clear with fluorescent ink. The latest arrival in the Writing collection has a transparent body so you can see the gel refill inside: yellow, green, orange or pink. Designed to write on regular paper and cardboard, both light and dark, to highlight, color and personalize.


The design is the same as the classic Roller Pens: rectangular with a clip cap to attach to the notebook.
Change to a thicker tip, 1.2 mm, to slide more smoothly across the page. The refills are universals: these fluo gel can also be used in the  Click Pens and the classic Roller Pens. And vice versa: the clear body can also hold other Moleskine refills.
Available at the  Moleskine Store and in select stores around the world.


Print in MSK format