Folio Tools: Stick Notes and Memo Cards

A new stop motion video introduces the Moleskine Folio Tools, a small, compact and convenient collection of tools to keep your ideas fresh and always at your finger tips. It includes the Stick Notes, a set of 3-packs of 20 sticky notes - 2 plain and 1 ruled, and the Memo Cards, a set of 20 cards - 10 ruled and 10 squared, all retaining the classic Moleskine mood, with ivory color pages and rounded corners. Both are folded into a small pocket cover to protect the corners and edges. They are conceived to fit right in with all your note taking needs, for memories, messages, any kind of list and flash notes, useful at work as in everyday life.

This collection adds to the Moleskine Folio Collection along with the Folio Professional and the Folio Art.

Folio Tools_235_01.jpg Folio Tools_235_05.jpg Folio Tools_235_03.jpg Folio Tools_235_02.jpg

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