The future of handwriting: Ecriture Infinie (Infinite Writing)

Ecriture Infinie Moleskine
Look around you. There’s a menu chalked onto a blackboard and displayed outside a restaurant. A scrawled political message on the side of a building. A name, tattooed onto the supple surface of skin. An index finger on a tablet. These are glimpses of handwriting alive today.
This 3,500 year old invention is now evolving towards new hybrids of analog and digital. We’re collecting these marks written by hand on walls, on screens, on paper in a digital gallery that’s open to everyone’s submissions. These “exhibits” – all the more powerful in pixel form – celebrate handwriting in all its forms. 
Ecriture Infinie Moleskine
The gallery is part of Ecriture Infinie (Infinite Writing), an art project by Bili Bidjocka curated by Simon Njami that consists of eight gigantic volumes, almost sacred, that travel around the world collecting handwritten signs. Once full they are wrapped in linen and hidden in a secret place like time capsules. Will the people who find it in the far future be able to decipher them?
Moleskine, together with the non-profit foundation lettera27, is stewarding the Eighth Book in its journey around the world. It’s latest stop is Berlin, on the occasion of the 13th international literature festival
Join in the conversation: share your thoughts about the future of handwriting with us on #ishandwritingstillalive and upload your submission to the online gallery.

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