Game of Thrones

Your epic adventure starts with the Limited Edition Collection.

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Pages, whether blank or ruled, are the canvas upon which any story can take shape. What better place to record your epic adventures than the notebooks in the Game of Thrones Limited Edition Collection, created by Moleskine and HBO to pay tribute to the imagination and epic storytelling of the popular Game of Thrones saga.

Four themed notebooks with previously unreleased silkscreen prints feature symbolic references to the three dominant families –Stark, Lannister and Targaryen - as well as a collector's edition box set depicting the Iron Throne. The original cover artwork is created for Moleskine by emerging graphic designer Levente Szabò.

A video celebrating the collection created by Milan-based video and animation studio Dadomani features a recreation of the fortress at King's Landing entirely made in paper. In the background the original theme music sets the atmosphere. Cogs and gears start turning and piece-by-piece the three dimensional fortress retreats into itself. As the camera pulls away we discover that the entire creation belongs within the pages of Moleskine notebooks. If you enjoyed this video, also take a look at the making-of.

In a fictional world where no one is ever safe, this is your chance to make the story your own, add intrigue to the plot and see where your imagination will land you.


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