Gardening Journal: tell your garden's story

A video presents the new Gardening Journal dedicated to gardening enthusiasts. Information on plants, pots, hardiness zones, grids and spaces for plant care. 5 designated sections to be filled out and 5 that can be personalized with adhesive labels for your green thumb. Icons and information to makes notes on plant types, suggested positioning, watering requirements and other special characteristics. When and how to fertilize, prune or plant depending on whether the plants are evergreens, seasonal plants, curative and medicinal plants, fruit-bearing plants, climbing plants or indoor or outdoor plants.

The Gardening Journal is part of the Moleskine Passions collection ( Recipes, Wine, Books, Film, Music, Wellness, Baby, Style, Travel, Dogs, Cats), a series of notebooks dedicated to the passions of life.

Print in MSK format