Get to work with Professional Notebooks


With one year over and another one just beginning, get to work on your professional life. The ivory pages of Moleskine welcome a hint of structure in the Professional Notebook, helping you organize your day to day life and get things done. 
There are many ways to take notes. Are you a list maker, fan of the Getting Things Done (GTD) movement or a sketchnoter? Or do your pages resemble a jumble of thoughts, snippets of conversation and scribbled-out ideas? The Professional Notebook's simple layout is a flexible format that can be adjusted, hacked and personalized to help you be more proactive and productive. 
It's where micro planning meets macro organization. With space for the date in the top right corner, the top six lines can be used for the meeting or project title, key info, agenda or attendees. You can go into detail below. Use the side column for action points, subheadings and keywords. An index, contents page, page numbers, detachable to-do lists and adhesive tabs all facilitate quick reference. 
Available in Moleskine Stores around the world and online. 


Print in MSK format