Giancarlo Iliprandi: Sketch, Think, Draw

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The eternal question of the creative mind is the mystery of how ideas are coaxed from nothing. For Giancarlo Iliprandi, master of Italian graphic design and visual communication, the ideation process is feral. Like an animal marking territory, the hand uses the gestures of writing and drawing to put thoughts to paper. The sketch precedes the idea, it is its raw first birth and a fundamental step before even attempting to communicate something to the world.

In Sketch, Think, Draw, one hundred color illustrations walk us through the thoughts and creations of Iliprandi. An intellectual and a self-taught designer who entered the world of communication later in his life but whose work to create a better future through design as a teacher, painter, photographer, art director, designer and design activist left an international legacy.

This monograph, published by Moleskine Books and featuring a chapter written by Iliprandi himself, lets the drawings, sketches and watercolors speak for themselves leaving much space to his vast collection of travel drawings. By flicking through its pages, we get a sense of what makes Iliprandi tick, and of his love of putting pen to paper. In his own words, "drawing is a wonderful medicine … chasing fragments, details, sketches before they escape from your thoughts".

Sketch, Think, Draw is part of a Moleskine Books publishing project called The Naked Notebook. This series focuses on the world of graphics and creativity, drawing on travel notes and off-the-cuff sketches, to take a cheeky peek at the notes taken by outstanding authors and lesser known talents. A journey that seeks to make visible the way ideas and projects get started and that focuses on colors, drawings and inspiration rather than words.

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