Gift Boxes Passions

Gift-Boxes-Passions_490.jpgSeed envelopes, tasting cards, luggage tags, each combined with themed notebooks. Moleskine introduces three gift kits dedicated to the same number of passions. Colored boxes that repeat the design of Moleskine notebooks, with rounded corners, ivory-colored paper and elastic closure. The boxes hold small objects for people who are passionate about travelling, gardening and food.  

The three boxes, respectively, contain Tasting Notes, cards for notes and tastings on food and wine; Gardening Pockets, a notebook with expandable pockets with different-sized envelopes to keep and exchange seeds, leaves and mementos; and Luggage Tags, tags for travel bags that recall the notebook design.

Gift-Boxes-Passions_235_01.jpg Gift-Boxes-Passions_235_02.jpg
                 Gift Box Travel: 1 Travel Journal + 2 black luggage tags, 9.7 x 6 cm

GIft-Boxes-Passions_235_05.jpg Gift-Boxes-Passions_235_04.jpg
                  Gift Box Garden: 1 Gardening Journal + Gardening Pocket with 12 envelopes for seeds 

GIft-Boxes-Passions_235_08.jpg Gift-Boxes-Passions_235_07.jpg
                    Gourmet Gift Box: 1 Recipe Journal + 1 Wine Journal + 1 Tasting Notes

Gift Boxes are available at the Moleskine Store, MoleskineUS, MoleskineAsia and in select stores around the world.

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