Decoration performance at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Moleskine is at Buchmesse, the Frankfurt Book Fair, to introduce what's new for 2012: new postal notebooks, new pencils, news colors and formats, new limited editions. The guests of honor are artists Gilles&Cecilie, nomadic designers, at work with a creative workshop inspired by the new collections for Writing, Travelling and Reading.  The public can participate by playing with stamps, icons and words, to decorate and personalize the new postal notebooks from the Messages collection, presented for the first time in the world here in Frankfurt.
Buchmesse2012_490bis.jpgStamps, ink, paper, scissors, glue, pens, pencils, pieces of fabric, colored thread, buttons -- these can all be used to personalize notebooks, bags and pouches. Just like the notebooks, Moleskine bags are also an open slate, a blank canvas upon which you can draw, write, stick decorations, pockets and pouches inside and out, and experiment with and combine different colors and materials. The idea is to create an object that is entirely unique and personal.
Buchmesse2011_235_02.jpg Buchmesse2012_235_01.jpg 

The live performances will also be viewable on Youtube and Flickr.

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