Giovanni Pintori: publicity as Art

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Giovanni Pintori dedicated most of his life's work to a single client: Olivetti. As art director for a firm that was pioneering innovative writing and computing tools for the home and workplace at a time when people were unaccustomed to technology, his challenge was to create images capable of translating the meaning of these new tools to the everyday person.


To do this he created his own visual language that used free associations and symbols to render these unfamiliar objects – typewriters and calculators – familiar and to slowly encourage the public to let go of traditional tools like pens and abacuses. 


This monograph, published by Moleskine Books and edited by Marta Sironi, presents this prolific Italian graphic designer's production for the first time and includes not only the work produced for Olivetti but also works from his later years as a freelance artist and designer. Flicking through the pages, the overall consistency of his style and the clarity of his creative process emerge from his posters and advertisements but also his sketches and paintings.

Moleskine Books offer unique insights into the creative processes of noted artists, designers, writers and architects, delving deep into their minds and methods to give an extensive account of their work. Other books published by Moleskine include John Alcorn: Evolution by Design,  Bob Noorda Design, and The Detour Book and are essential resources for anyone with an interest in the creative process today. 

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