Making Of: Glitches x Moleskine

Give a music band a bunch of notebooks and what happens to them? They begin to fly, that's what. London band Glitches were inspired by the soft covers of our new black and white Volant collection and brought them to life in their latest music video
Now you can see how the idea took flight in the behind the scenes cut. In the video above, the team behind the music video explain how they arrived at the concept, from the first sketches of the storyboard to the weeks spent folding paper into origami puffins and their animation in the final stages. 
Hear them talk about how the fragility of paper was the perfect medium to convey the vulnerability of the main character and discover how the Volant notebooks acted not only as the initial inspiration for the whole piece, but were also used for the storyboard, for the props and for the set within the video: an essential tool for creativity at 360°.
Watch the official video below:

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