Good50x70 and the power of the poster

Good 50x70
An anthology published by Moleskine celebrates the power of the poster: 930 social communication concepts submitted to the non profit cultural organization Good50x70 are featured in the book.
Good 50x70  Good 50x70  Good 50x70
Spread across its 240 pages are proposals from graphic designers from around the world, which use the power of images to tackle such issues as global warming, human rights and sexual health. Good50x70 is a fertile gallery of messages and information; a rich collection of ideas, shared goals and forged connections communicated through the medium of the poster.
Good 50x70  Good 50x70  Good 50x70
As well as 930 posters, the book contains editorial texts which explore the poster as an iconic communication medium through the prism of original ideas and graphic design standards. It is an essential resource for anyone interested in the potential of the poster to raise awareness and create change, with a particular focus on the burning social issues our society faces today.

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