Ever Tried Analog SMS Texting?

1992-2012. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of SMS texting, Moleskine presents a new limited edition, a notebook that becomes a ballistic device for launching analog text messages. Maximum range: 5.18 m.

The idea comes from Pietro Corraini, who was inspired by the classic slingshot used for shooting notes between school desks. The cover is the launching pad; the three notches indicate the different load and range levels. The elastic is loaded with one note at a time, folded in four. Inside there is a booklet with instructions, field-tested suggestions and 56 pieces of paper ammunition including 8 which say "I love you," 4 "call me" and 4 "the answer is..."

sms_235_08.jpg sms_235_07.jpg
sms_235_09.jpg SMS_235_03.jpg

"The device," say the instructions, "is especially effective in crowded, noisy environments for sending messages in code, romantic messages, urgent information and telephone numbers. Suitable for everyone, it has been tested in different classrooms, offices and outdoor areas. Keep out of reach of children. "

Moleskine SMS is being presented in Milan for Design Week as part of " Hacked, 100 Hours of Rebel Creativity" promoted by la Rinascente. Along with SMS, there is another play on hacking: Moleskine Orchestra by British artist Felix Thorn. To learn about the complete program of Moleskine events at Fuorisalone, click here 

Available at the MoleskineStore and, as a worldwide exclusive for Milan Design Week, at the Design Supermarket in la Rinascente and at the bookstore Libreria 121+ in Milan.

Design Supermarket, la Rinascente
Piazza Duomo, Milan
April 15 - 30, daily from 7 AM to midnight

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