Pick up a pen on handwriting day

Join us in celebrating this year's Handwriting Day. For one day on January 23rd we ask you to write out your social media posts by hand and share the unique curve of your handwritten words etched on the pages of your notebook.


Take full advantage of the graphic freedom of writing on paper by using all of its dimensions, or by leaving the visual, tactile record of your creative stages - the crossed out or corrected words, notes on the margins - by playing with the rounded forms you create when you put pen to paper.

After all, the handwriting each and every one of us produces is unique and capable of transmitting something personal, even intimate about who we are.


To join in forget your keyboard and write out your social media posts by hand. When you upload them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram use the hashtag #HandwritingDay. And to be in with a chance of winning a cornucopia of Moleskine treats delivered to your door wherever you are, enter this week's Creativity Challenge by taking a video while handwriting your favorite quote, your name, your message to the world or your social media posts and submit the clip to myMoleskine with the tag #M_Hday2017.

To join the Handwriting Day Creativity Challenge click here

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