Harry Potter Limited Edition Collection

Celebrating the power of storytelling

A new Limited Edition Collection celebrates the world of Harry Potter and the power of storytelling. While fantastic beasts, flying broomsticks, spells and wizards born from the imagination of J.K. Rowling are brought to life on paper and on screen, with this Limited Edition Collection they will kindle your imagination and accompany you on your everyday exploits.


A set of two Limited Edition Notebooks featuring unique cover art inspired by Harry Potter's adventures make up the collection, created under license from Warner Bros. Consumer Products. On the burgundy cover the image of a young wizard printed in debossed gold casts the powerful Expecto Patronum spell surrounded by the dream-like image of a stag, Harry Potter's magical "Patronus" guardian. In Harry Potter's world the Expecto Patronum spell is a complicated charm that transforms happy memories into a powerful shield against dark and dangerous creatures. Might it work for you too?


The second cover design is inspired by the Marauderer's Map, a magical document that reveals every classroom, hallway and corner of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry including the secret passageways. The notebook is clothbound to give the look and feel of a piece of parchment paper, as in Harry Potter's world the map is a precious paper that only reveals itself to wizards and witches who solemnly declare they are up to no good.


With this Limited Edition Collection Moleskine taps in to a magical tale that was first written with pen and paper only to discover that the real magic lies in the power of imagination. 

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Join the Harry Potter Creativity Challenge! The call-to-create is being passed on to you: grab your pencil or watercolor and sketchbook, and illustrate your favorite Harry Potter character, spell or anything Hogwarts-related. Upload your artwork on myMoleskine using the tag #M_HarryPotter. The winning upload will receive a box full of Moleskine goodies… including a Harry Potter Limited Edition notebook! Find out more here

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