Moleskine pops up at Heathrow Terminal 4

A series of supersize flight cases locked up at night and re-opened the next morning to reveal notebooks, journals, bags, pens, digital device accessories and cases. All around flight announcements, suitcases being wheeled around and the jingle of leftover currency create a symphony of sounds that soundtrack our thoughts. This is how the Moleskine Store at Heathrow Terminal 4 is constructed.

Open since 3rd March for 3 months only, it joins the other Moleskine Stores in travel hubs: airports, train stations and city locations. The very essence of these places is one of transience: origin and destination, start and finish, arrival and departure converge. Our attraction to these places is far from coincidental: being suspended in time and space makes us especially ripe for the exploration of new creative possibilities.
Heathrow Terminal 4  Heathrow Terminal 4
The Moleskine Store is another blank space for self-expression. The entire collection of Moleskine notebooks, journals, bags and cases all in one place allows memories to be recorded, ideas noted and thoughts captured on the move, at the moment when you are most susceptible to new ways of thinking. Take your things to the in-store Stamp Station to customize them to your trip and turn them into ideal travel companions. The store is also the place to discover all the Limited Edition notebooks and special projects that are normally hard to come by.
Heathrow Terminal 4  Heathrow Terminal 4
We hope you enjoy watching the video above, showing how the flight cases contain the thousands of blank pages waiting to be written on. 

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