Special Edition: In celebration of Asian cinema

Hong Kong International Film Festival  Hong Kong International Film Festival
Armed with a special edition notebook created in celebration of Asian cinema and one of its most prolific representatives, Hong Kong film director and cinematographer Andrew Lau Wai-Keung, we venture into the world of high speed chases, love and loss, and double agents. With the bright lights of Hong Kong providing the backdrop, our story takes many twists and turns as the characters aim to complete their objectives. 
The Andrew Lau notebook is wrapped in a paperband celebrating the filmmaker's creative vision. Made to look like a roll of film, it is a rich collage of some of his most celebrated films including A Beautiful Life, Infernal Affairs I and II and Daisy. In both Classic and Volant forms, the back consists of quotes from the films' pivotal scenes, while the cover features a debossing of the HKIFF logo and Andrew Lau's signature.
Hong Kong International Film Festival  Hong Kong International Film Festival
Create your own action flick on its pages. On the occasion of the 37th Hong Kong International Film Festival, the great Andrew Lau himself will present the notebooks at a Face to Face event at 2:30pm on 28th March at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre.
Andrew Lau is internationally renowned for his prolific career spanning the last three decades. He has been credited with reinventing the gangster genre and is acclaimed for his pioneering lensing skills and unique visuals. If you can't attend the festival then begin your action flick in a Moleskine Storyboard Notebook; a sequence of frames contained within the classic notebook, allowing you to map out your ideas and develop your story. Read more about our celebration of cinema here
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To find out more about the Hong Kong International Film Festival visit www.hkiff.org.hk

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