The return of The Hobbit Limited Edition Collection

A mysterious presence creeps across valleys, internet connections and table tops. It's looking for something. As the music rises to a crescendo, we are about to discover what… The notebook cover snaps shut, falling into the palm of a traveller. So the new video presents the new notebooks in The Moleskine Hobbit Limited Edition collection

Marking the release of the second Hobbit film, the new notebooks feature reproductions of the author's original illustrations from the first edition on their covers and, for the first time ever, printed on selected pages inside.

Moleskine Hobbit Moleskine Hobbit

Loyal companions on everyday and extraordinary journeys, the notebooks' black covers are emblazoned with a metallic red dragon and a debossing of the mystical landscape. The original "JRRT" monogram is marked on the spine, the red bookmark ribbon protrudes from between the sheets. Detaching the paperband will reveal a little message from Bilbo Baggins, stirring the nomadic spirit within you.

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Video credits:
Production: Combocut Film
Script & Direction: Alessandro Palminiello and Sergej Grguric
Production Director: Alvise Barbaro
Photography: Ilaria Turba
Animation: Anna Ciammitti
Set Design: Marco Falatti
Sound: Angelo Astore
Thanks to Mammafotogramma and Ambaradan Studio

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