Hong Kong in 58 seconds


The first guide you write yourself, inserting your own personal way of experiencing the city, your own paths and interests: Moleskine introduces Hong kong City notebook's with a new 58 second video (look on the catalogue: http://www.moleskine.com/catalogue/city_notebook/asia/city_notebook_hong_kong.php).

Moleskine City Notebooks are made for collecting information about cities and organizing journeys, note down, draw, cut and paste so to create a personal city guide.

On the Hong Kong edition you have a map with tracing papers to note down the 20 main attractions, stickers to create your own categories and not to miss the Symphony of Lights at Victoria Harbour, blank pages to sketch on the ferry boat to the islands.

More info on Hong Kong on http://www.moleskine.com/moleskinecity/cities/hong_kong_1.php

Print in MSK format