Start the Conversation

Hot Docs Film Festival
Once upon a time the notebook was a personal thing, a private object that stored secret thoughts. Now its full potential is being harnessed as a tool for initiating dialog. Filmmakers and industry professionals at Toronto's Hot Docs International Documentary Festival have used it as a catalyst for communication. 
How do you start the conversation? The inside cover of the notebook is illustrated with the key ingredients of a fruitful exchange: experiment, pursue, associate and question. Relate the unrelated. It all starts with an idea, a mark made on paper, that leads to bigger, often unexpected territories. The notebook is an open platform for debate, creation and exploration: use it to fuel collaboration.  
Moleskine notebooks have been used to stimulate debate and form new partnerships at the 20th anniversary of the Hot Docs International Documentary Festival. Filmmakers meet buyers, programmers, distributors and commissioning editors from around the world. New, cutting-edge projects are realized and ideas are developed together with others.
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