I am London: discover the city with new eyes

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Some know her as The Old Smoke, others simply as London. For Carlo Stanga, author and illustrator of I am London, the latest publication by Moleskine Books, she is "The Queen of Cities". An alternative guide to one of the world's best known cityscapes, I am London is the second book in the I am the City book series, a collection of illustrated publications that explore the multifaceted identities of the world's capital cities.

Over 100 pages illustrated in full color take us on a journey from St Paul's to Trellick Tower to discover the stories behind London's most famous landmarks as well as its most iconic urban geography. Through the eyes of Italian architect, illustrator and storyteller Carlo Stanga, the city reveals itself as a labyrinth full of connections between people, places and things. 


Written in first person, so that it is London's voice that emerges, the book begins like this: "I am London. It's a simple name, but I am infinitely various, complicated and multilayered". The story starts in AD 50 when the city was built by the Romans, and travels across time to reveal insights into the city as it is today. What inspired the design of the iconic red telephone boxes, how the map of the London Tube became the model for underground maps worldwide, or how the trendy neighborhood of Soho acquired its name.

The intricate illustrations juxtapose layers, colors and images to offer an alternative, imaginary view of London that provides a unique insight into how people use and live their city. What would your city look like through this same lense? 

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