Celebrating Public Art in the Streets

Walking through the street and coming upon huge provocative murals is an exciting way to feel a part of your community, stir thinking on important issues or inspire your own creative expression. Where do these big ideas start? On paper?
Click on any image in the story to see more photos of murals by artists who participated in the O.bra Street Art Festival 2015.

From one of the most populated urban areas on the planet, a three day festival made space for street art to flourish. Moleskine joined Instagram street art gallery, Instagrafite, to welcome international artists to Brazil as they created art in the public realm.


During the  first annual international Brazilian Street Art festival with large-scale outside murals, O.bra, Moleskine gave out a Custom Edition Notebook designed for the festival and co-hosted a discussion entitled, The History of Street Art in São Paulo and Brazil.


You can join the celebration by participating in our latest Creativity Challenge dedicated to street art. Share photos of pieces you love and vote for the photos you love best.

1.    Take photos of your favorite street art pieces (include info about where they are located)
2.    Tag them with #m_instagrafite

The winner will be chosen from the three which receive the most likes. The prize package, including a Moleskine O.bra Festival Custom Edition, will be mailed to the winner.

You have until November 5th, 2015!

Have you started thinking about how you fill the blank pages of you own Moleskine Notebook? You can always share your drawings at myMoleskine.

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