iPhone 6 cover
If you own the iPhone 6 , chances are you appreciate good design . You also move fast , you like Getting Things Done and you take time to share moments from your day with others. Sound about right? Then you probably also own a Moleskine notebook
We've just released a brand new cover for the iPhone 6. Adapting the little black rectangle to the new smartphone, we're making your life easier by bringing analog and digital closer together.
iPhone 6 cover
Since we believe that creativity and productivity can be doubled when analog and digital tools are used together, the new iPhone 6 cover can incorporate a Moleskine XS Volant journal into its fabric. The padded suede lining and inner rubberized shell keep the iPhone protected whilst allowing easy access to all ports, buttons, speakers and cameras. With an open and shut cover held closed by the elastic band, an inside pocket stores credit cards, notes and metro tickets. The original Moleskine notebook is turned into an easily portable, dual workspace
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Available on the Moleskine Store.

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