Japanese Albums in relay

Relay: Receive and pass on. Transmit. Communicate.
For the first time ever, a Sketch Relay takes place in Moleskine Japanese Albums as over 70 of London's top designers take turns to sketch the essential design objects they couldn't live without. 
Moleskine Japanese Albums
Inspired by traditional Japanese horizontal emakimono scrolls, Moleskine Japanese Albums contain one sheet of heavy-weight sketch paper folded into 48 accordion pages. This unique format lends a sense of continuity from one designer's sketches to another's. 5 pages to fill before sending the Album on to the next one.
Moleskine Japanese Albums  Moleskine Japanese Albums
[Left - Right: Takashi Homma; Tord Boontje | for the Detour Project]
Sketches, cutouts, collage and sequences tumble from the unfolded book, providing an insight into not just the minds of individual designers but of the design process at large. As said in the video above, design is a system; a process born from co-creation.
Moleskine Japanese Albums  Moleskine Japanese Albums
[Left - Right: Nicholas Hlobo; Ross Lovegrove | for the Detour Project]
Start your sketches in a Moleskine Japanese Album, available on the Moleskine Store.
Video Credits:  Raspberry & Jam
Music: "Nice and Easy" by Jason Shaw
The Moleskine Sketch Relay took place over the London Design Festival 2013 in partnership with the Detour Project

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