Moleskine Journal App Version 1.5

Moleskine Journal App
Digital drawing and infinite writing are made even easier with two new modes being introduced in our latest app update, available now for iOS and shortly for Android.
Now optimized for the iPhone 5 screen, the Productivity mode is specially designed for use with longer documents, allowing you to select and edit individual elements as well as add a variety of formatting options. There's no limit to your creativity now that the page flips automatically, for infinite writing
Moleskine Journal App  Moleskine Journal App
The existing functionality has been preserved in the Creativity mode. The artist toolset which consists of the paintbrush, scissors and the classic Moleskine pencil, rollerball pen, highlighter pencil and eraser is digitized so all your favorite utensils are brought to the screen. Choose from a variety of fonts, rotate text and move elements into the back pocket – just as you do with your paper notebook. 
Moleskine Journal App  Moleskine Journal App
It's important to back up your notebook so ideas don't get lost. Dropbox functionality is now by journal to help you store, search and share your digital thoughts easier.
And if some of those thoughts would be better kept private, we have added password locks to each journal for your most top secret projects.
You can now also rearrange your journals on the bookshelf just like you do at home, whether by date, topic or colour. 
For the full run-down of new features and to download the app click here.
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