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No one enjoys rooting around their bag for their travel pass, locker key or keepsakes. The new Journey Pouches have a rigid outer casing and soft suede lining that ensures everything you store inside is protected from any bumps in the road.

Resistant to water, they feature metal pullers and buckles as well as removable straps for hands-free activities.


The Journey Pouches come in four colors and six sizes so you can carry with you anything as small as a paperclip and as essential as an e-reader without adding clutter to your bag or briefcase. Inner elastics and net elastic pockets ensure your items remain secured.


Like the Moleskine notebooks, the iconic "in case of loss" label features on the inside of all the pouches. And as an added bonus the inner material is writable so that you can personalize your pouch with words, drawings and doodles.

Take a look at the full range of colors, sizes and uses on the Moleskine online store.

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