Special Edition Watercolour Notebook by Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley Moleskine
A laser cut vellum paperband held together by a wax seal and a g old foil deboss on the cover give just a hint of what's inside this limited edition notebook. Inspired by the intricacy and artistry of a recent Special Edition Moleskine Watercolour Notebook created for the American Federation of Arts, we're creating "wrappers" for our notebooks; sleeves to contain the little black rectangle and the thoughts and drawings within. 
Conceived by artist Kehinde Wiley, the laser cut vellum paperband is held together by a wax seal with a crest designed by the artist, each one bound by hand. Just visible beneath the coarse translucency of the wrapper is a gold foil deboss of Kehinde's initials, the letters intertwining across the black plain of the cover. 
Kehinde Wiley Moleskine  Kehinde Wiley Moleskine
The decorative cover gives just a hint of what's contained inside. A hand signed and numbered print titled Femme Piquee Par Un Serpent Study II by the artist is attached to the flyleaf. The notebook is both a container of artwork as well as an artwork in itself.
For your chance to win no. 89 of 250, take part in our latest Creativity Challenge. Create a wrapper for your notebook using a technique of your choice: hack it, cut it and glue it, taking inspiration from Kehinde Wiley. For more information and to enter visit myMoleskine.

Print in MSK format