Korea's Greatest Cartoonist, Hur Young Man, celebrated by Moleskine

Hur Young Man Moleskine notebook
Moleskine has recognized the work and accomplishments of creative artists across the world with Special Edition notebooks. In October 2014, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the debut of one of Korea's most prominent cartoonists, Hur Young Man, by introducing a new Special Edition notebook dedicated to his contributions to the Korean cartoon industry.
Mr. Hur was met with resounding popular acclaim soon after his debut in 1974, and the literary value of his work has been highly regarded ever since. Some of his works, including ‘Beat', ‘Tazza', ‘Grand Chef' and ‘Bride Mask' have been adapted into films, television series, and even video games.
The Special Edition cover features a well-loved character from his early cartoon ‘Bride Mask', the Korean version of Zorro. Forty sequels followed, marking the beginning of his success and establishing him among the greatest of Korea's cartoonists. The paperband and inside cover include his filmography and characters from his comics. A portion of the suggested retail price of this Special Edition will be donated to a scholarship for aspiring cartoonists.
The Moleskine Special Edition Hur Young Man notebook is available for purchase in Korea, at Hottracks, Bandi & Lunis and Youngpoong

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